How to Share a Post from Instagram to Facebook?

Share a Post from Instagram to Facebook


Understanding the links between different social media platforms can take time and effort. People often
wonder about sharing an Instagram post to a Facebook Story, whether they can
send an Instagram post via Messenger, and what happens when they share an Instagram
post directly to their Facebook timeline. This article delves into these
questions, presenting a guide on improving social media relations through
applicable content sharing.

The Art of Sharing Between Instagram and Facebook

  • Understanding the Process
Learning how to share a post from Instagram to Facebook Story begins with understanding the seamless
integration between these platforms. This integration facilitates sharing and
ensures your content reaches a broader audience.
  • The Challenges
Many users are worried about, "Why can't I share my Instagram post to Facebook?"  or
"How do I share an Instagram profile link on a Facebook post?"
Addressing these concerns is essential for hassle-free social media knowledge.

Step-by-Step Guide to Sharing on Facebook and Instagram

Sharing Instagram Posts to Facebook Stories


  • Create a post on Instagram.
  • Before posting, find the option to share to Facebook Story and toggle it on.
  • Share your post; it will automatically appear as a Facebook Story.

Sharing on Facebook Messenger

  • To share an Instagram post on Facebook Messenger:
  • Select the post on Instagram.
  • Tap the ‘Send’ icon and choose Messenger from the options.

Sharing Instagram Profile Link on Facebook


  • Go to your Instagram profile.
  • Tap the ‘Edit Profile’ button and copy your profile URL.
  • Paste this link in a Facebook post to share.

Posting from Instagram to a Facebook Group

  • Link your Instagram account to your Facebook as described earlier.
  • While posting on Instagram, please share it with a Facebook Group you manage.

What Happens When Shared?

When you share an Instagram post to Facebook, it appears on your timeline or Story, retaining its original format, including any captions or hashtags.

Addressing Common Issues


Troubleshooting Sharing Problems

  • If you can’t share your Instagram post to Facebook, check:
  • If your accounts are correctly linked.
  • If there are any restrictions in your Facebook or Instagram settings.

Sharing from Facebook to Instagram on iPhone

Currently, sharing directly from Facebook to Instagram is not supported on iPhone. You need to post on Instagram manually.

Managing Your Sharing Audience

For those concerned about privacy, such as when your Instagram share to Facebook audience is only you, adjust your sharing settings in the Instagram app to control who sees your shared content.


Empowering Your Social Media Presence

Understanding these nuances answers your queries and empowers you to manage your social media content more effectively. Whether it’s sharing a story from Instagram to Facebook, managing your audience settings, or troubleshooting common issues, this guide has you covered.

Elevating Your Online Interaction

Now that you know how to share from Facebook to Instagram on iPhone and other media, it’s time to upgrade your online exchanges. Leverage these sharing abilities to maximize your online presence, reach a more expansive audience, and facilitate your social media management.

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